The Mini Wine Pack is an innovative and ecological concept, designed for drinking wine in a modern and sustainable way

  • The concept

    The concept

    With the Mini Wine Pack© Less is more!

    The nomad advantage :

    The Mini Wine Pack© is a "Stand Up pouch" with a cap, ultra-light and suitable for liquids, available in 187 ml and 250 ml formats, combining pleasure and moderation. It can be slipped into your pocket so you can take it anywhere, on your hikes, outdoor concerts, picnics.

    The ecological advantage :

    The Mini Wine Pack© produces less waste because it has lighter packaging: with only 10 g of packaging, it generates 96% less waste compared to glass.
    Its innovative packaging also emits less CO2 resulting from its manufacture and transportation: 67% less CO2 emissions when compared to glass (see the comprehensive comparative Bio Intelligence service study)

    The practical advantage :

    The Mini Wine Pack© opens and closes easily thanks to its screw cap and safety ring. It keeps for one week after opening, as long as you take care to release the air before replacing the cap, and it slips easily into the fridge as it is so slim.

  • The Company

    The Company

    ERIC COMTE SELECTIONS, founded in 2003 by Eric Comte, has from its beginnings been specialised in eco-friendly alternatives to glass. Rapidly, the company became one of the leaders in the Scandinavian market for French wines, sold in Bag in Boxes and then in Tetra Packs.

    ERIC COMTE SELECTIONS launched the Mini Wine Pack© concept at the end of 2005 for the Canadian provincial monopoly with the Prêt à Boire© Mini Wine Pack©, then developed new markets which have now been conquered: duty free, onboard catering, snacking, etc... Consumers find this innovative and more environmentally friendly concept attractive, as it combines pleasure and moderation.

    Encouraged by this very favourable reception, ERIC COMTE SELECTIONS decided to develop a custom packaging service from 2013.

    Today the Mini Wine Pack© is used by Appellation d’Origine Protégée wines, single grape variety wines, white, red and rosé wines, under our brand or those of our customers, in France and abroad!

  • Our Services

    The conditioning workshop is located at the Pôle de Cadillan, route d’Arles, RN 570, 13690 Graveson.

    ECS now has a warehouse built in 2013 equipped with state-of-the-art machinery: stainless steel vats, automatic filling machine and a nitrogen generator. This equipment packages the wine while optimally protecting it from oxidation during filling.
    Packaging in boxes is manual, which allows each pack to be checked.
    Mini Wine Pack© branding and labelling are integrated into the packaging line.

    We offer our customers a complete service to produce their Mini Wine Pack©:
    - Accurate definition of specifications.
    - Design by our graphic designer
    - Supply and management of the stock of packaging and boxes
    - Check and analysis on receipt of wines
    - Wine filtration
    - Packaging: filling under nitrogen, labelling (optional), packing and pallet building
    - Check and analysis on receipt of wines after packaging
    - Shipping

    Contact us for any request

    MINI WINE PACK© 5 place de la Fontaine 30210 Cabrières France - Phone : +336 22 20 12 51